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Journeys Behavior Learning Center offers families center-based, one-to-one ABA services in South Bend, Indiana. ABA provides each client with individualized and ongoing programming to promote pro-social skills that increase independence in all areas of development. Targeted skills are broken down into smaller parts and taught using a variety of data-driven and systematic approaches.

Our philosophy is based around the idea that although no child with autism learns the same, leading with ethical practices and a client-centered process can help clients achieve the best possible outcome. It is essential for clients to have positive social interactions with peers and adults in an increasing number of settings.

Our individualized programs are based on an initial assessment and family preferences. Our behavior program provides the following services:

  • ABA Assessment and Treatment
    Through ABA assessment, we identify the root causes of challenging behaviors in children or adolescents on the autism spectrum and develop necessary treatments to address said issues.
  • Assist with Transitions into the School Setting
    We offer effective strategies and techniques to help children transition into the school setting. We also offer tips to parents and caregivers to make the transition even more seamless.
  • Collaboration with the Child’s Entire Team
    We collaborate with the child, their parents, and their other healthcare providers to ensure that the most accurate, high-quality services are being delivered to address their needs.
  • Direct 1:1 Intervention Provided by Trained Staff
    We work on a one-on-one basis with each client, providing them with the focus and attention they deserve. All of our staff members are highly trained experts ready to meet your needs.
  • Parent Education and Training
    Parenting a child with a behavioral or mental health issue is not an easy task. We are here to provide supports, education, and training to all parents who need it.
  • Social Skills Instruction
    We teach clients about appropriate interpersonal and communication skills. We combine various strategies to replace problem behaviors and increase skills leading to social competence.
  • Individualized Programming and On-Going Data Analysis
    All of our programs are customized according to each client’s individual diagnosis, preferences, and needs. On-going observation and data analysis are performed to ensure accuracy of services.

A schoolboy and his teacher in an art classOur center-based programming may include a variety of instructional strategies that fall under the umbrella of ABA. These are evidence-based strategies that include, but are not limited to, Discrete Trial Teaching, Natural Environment Teaching, Teaching Interaction Procedures, and Fluency Instruction.

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